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Baling River Bridge


Baling River Bridge extends over a valley towards cone-shaped mountains near Anshun city in Guizhou province. [Photo/xinhuanet.com]

Liujiang Bridge


Liujiang Bridge spans over a rivers in Rongjiang county, Guizhou province.

Liluo Highway


Liluo Highway meanders through mountains in Liping county, Guizhou province.

Miao village after autumn rain


Gaopai Miao village in shades of green, yellow and purple after an autumn rain.

The home of Maotai liquor through the lens of award-winning photographer


The home of Maotai liquor through the lens of award-winning photographer

Guizhou's Dong communities begin pepper harvest


The county has been promoting the cultivation of pop peppers in recent years. Approximately 3.67 million square meters of Congjiang’s land is now used for growing pop pepper.

Changqi village in autumn


A yellowish-green slither of farmland sits beside Hongdu River in Changqi ancient village as it meanders through the valley. Changqi is Located in the jurisdiction of the famous red tourism city of Zunyi in Guizhou province.

Miao flower-drum ritual celebrates harvest


People of the Miao ethnic group play flower-drums to celebrate a successful harvest on Sept 2.Playing flower-drums is a traditional folk custom of the Miao people and dates back to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).

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