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Breaking down the process of ancient tea making


Yanhe county in Southwest China's Guizhou province is known as "China's hometown of ancient tea trees". The county has more than 40,000 tea trees over 100 years old, among which 134 are more than 1,000 years old.

China's 24 Solar Terms come alive


China's 24 Solar Terms is a deeply rooted concept that encapsulates the essence of Chinese wisdom. Now, they are coming alive.

Gaotai Dixi: Guizhou folk opera


Gaotai Dixi, a local folk opera style from Guizhou province, is widely popular in the city of Anshun.

Doctors bone up on English in Guiyang


Guiyang’s No 4 People’s Hospital is trying something a little bit different to improve the quality of its medical service – teaching its staff members English.

Xingyi invites the world to sample mutton noodles


Approximately 13,000 people enjoyed bowls of mutton rice noodles in Xingyi on Dec 17 after hiking 7.8 kilometers as part of the city’s first International Mutton Rice Noodle Festival.

Liping county celebrate the Long Table Feast


The members of the Dong ethnic group in Liping county celebrate the Long Table Feast in the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture.

Campus manhole covers receive makeover


Students and teachers from Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute in Guiyang city decided to liven up their campus by adding a dash of color to manhole covers.

Wanshan park offers insights into mercury mining


The Wanshan National Mine Park is 105 square kilometers of land that includes the former mercury mines in Wanshan District, Tongren, Southwest China's Guizhou Province.

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