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Big Data Expo 2016 opens in Guiyang


Some of the world's biggest e-commerce and technology companies are expected to attend the big data and e-commerce summit which begins on Thursday in Guiyang.

Qualcomm hopes its Guiyang JV reap a big successs in server chip market


Derek Aberle, president of Qualcomm Inc, said on Wednesday the mobile chip giant is dedicated to long-term investments in China to expand its server chip business.

A living memorial for WWII heroes


The Second World War and the destruction it inflicted triggered an alliance of medical teams all across Europe.

Beautiful China Tour - Guizhou


Photographers and journalists from major Asian media organizations started their Beautiful China Tour from Guiyang.

Pu'an tea culture steeped in time


One of China's most revered tea-growing regions now has a new plantation that aims to preserve a critically endangered variety that is found only in the area.

China's culture in a cup


China is the birthplace of tea, and drinking the beverage has long been an important aspect of Chinese culture.

Ancient paper-making techniques still alive in Guizhou


What would the world be like if paper weren't invented? Fortunately, we don't have to struggle for the answer. In 105 AD, Cai Lun invented paper-making technology and produced the world’s first batch of paper using plant fibers.

Planes, trains & automobiles in Guizhou


Qin Rupei, the vice-governor of Guizhou, revealed that in the first three quarters of the year, 54.1 billion yuan ($8.7 billion) and 16.3 billion yuan were spent on road and rail construction, increases of 25 percent and 41 percent over the same period last year.

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