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Govt announces new entry rules for foreigners


China will allow the entry of foreign nationals holding three categories of valid Chinese residence permits starting on Monday, according to an announcement jointly made by the Foreign Ministry and the National Immigration Administration.


Measures to help control epidemic, restart work


China announced on Feb 27 measures to make it easier for people to enter and leave the country to support epidemic control work and the resumption of work and production.


Visa extensions


Where, after entry with a visa, a foreigner needs to continue to stay after the expiration of time limit of visa or due to non-termination of the original purpose of entry or other purposes without change of the type of visa, the duration of stay may be extended.


Changes to visas and documents required


In accordance with the legal provisions, foreigners may change visa in following four circumstances...


Circumstances under which no visa shall be issued in China


Under any of the following circumstances, no visa shall be issued to a foreigner...


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