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Guiyang rice noodles


Guiyang rice noodles are a traditional local snack with the ingredients of rice noodles, fried peanuts, shallots, ginger, garlic, chili oil, salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, gourmet powder, rose-flavored salted turnip, and pickled radish.


Zhazuo sauerkraut knuckles


Zhazuo knuckles refer to the sauerkraut knuckles hot pot in Zhazuo, a town of Xiuwen County.


Porridge with glutinous rice cake


This food contains glutinous rice cake in porridge. The rice cake is made of 70 percent coarse glutinous rice and 30 percent sticky rice mixed with sugar and steam in a steamer.


Wan'er cake


Wan'er cake takes its name from its resemblance to a little bowl and an ear ('er').


Silk Doll Roll


The snack gets the name from the similarity to a newborn infant wrapped in silk


Changwang noodles


Among the many delicious snacks of Guizhou, changwang noodles best demonstrate the knife skill needed for Shanxi sliced noodles,the elasticity of Lanzhou's pulled noodles, the taste of Sichuan's Dandan noodles


Yipin Pot Soup


It is said that there is a well called Yipin Spring, so the soup beloved by people in a restaurant near the spring got the name Yipin Pot Soup.


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