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Guizhou builds industry-oriented vocational education system


Guizhou province in Southwest China has been building a modern vocational education system that is well-aligned with its industrial structure.


Rural education given bright future


Liu Xiuxiang, a delegate to the 20th CPC National Congress and vice-principal of Wangmo Experimental High School, said he is deeply motivated by the report, which reaffirmed his confidence in the development of rural education.


Ministry of Education supports Guizhou's education development


The Ministry of Education issued implementation opinions on March 31 to support the high-quality development of education in Southwest China's Guizhou province.


Provinces team up on education, healthcare


Assistance from Guangdong province is helping less-developed Guizhou province tackle weaknesses in education and medical services and contributing to the vitalization of rural areas.


Guizhou, Malaysia exchanges TCM study online


The China-Malaysia Youth Chinese Medicine Virtual Mobility Program was co-held by Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) both online and offline on Nov 25-28.


More international students study in Guizhou


China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week, which has been held annually in Southwest China's Guizhou province for the past 13 years, has contributed to the opening-up of education in Guizhou.


Guizhou offers students thrills, fun in first classes


Students in Southwest China's Guizhou province recently had a ball as they started their new autumn semester – with the province's schools reportedly offering stimulating and interesting first classes, to help the kids adjust to school life.


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