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Guizhou uses big data to develop tourism industry


Southwest China's Guizhou province is constructing a big data analysis system to adjust tourism services and information to better address tourists' demands. The system's development relies on the construction of a national big data comprehensive pilot area.


Guizhou makes progress in forestry industry development


​As one of the first national ecological civilization pilot areas in China, Southwest Chin's Guizhou province continues to strive to transform its natural resources into economic benefits by developing the forestry industry and the forest economy.


Traditional Chinese medicine: A pillar industry in Guizhou


By the end of September, the plantation areas for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Southwest China's Guizhou province reached 6.66 million mu (444,000 hectares), with 909,900 metric tons of output volume and 10.79 billion yuan ($1.61 billion) of output value.


Guizhou's camellia oil industry helps tackle poverty


Since 2019, Southwest China's Guizhou province has taken efforts to expand camellia planting areas, increase the plant's quality, develop efficient camellia oil processing and provide technological support for the camellia oil industry.


Guizhou issues special fund to support tea industry development


Southwest China's Guizhou province recently issued 61.86 million yuan ($9.21 million) of special funds to develop its featured tea industry.


Guizhou's tourism industry surges during National Day holiday


During the National Day holiday, which ran from Oct 1 to 8 this year, Southwest China's Guizhou province saw 51.91 million visits and achieved tourism revenue of 36.72 billion yuan ($5.47 billion) – 76.71 percent of the same period last year.


Guizhou teas recognized by EU as geographical indications


​According to a bilateral agreement signed between China and the European Union (EU) on Sept 14, Fenggang zinc selenium tea and Duobei tea -- from Southwest China's Guizhou province -- were listed among 100 products to be given Chinese geographical indication or GI status, affording them protection in the EU.


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