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New formats accelerate Guizhou's service industry


With the implementation of multiple policies designed to stimulate consumer spending, and the influence of the May Day holiday, 'smart tourism' is playing a key role in speeding up market recovery in Southwest China's Guzihou province.


Big health industry


Guizhou aims to strengthen the Chinese medicine industry, cultivate and develop biopharmaceuticals, accelerate the development of chemical drugs, promote the development of medical instruments and medical materials, expand the new pharmaceutical derivatives industry, cultivate the dominant varieties, create leading enterprises, and become the largest research and development base in China.


Electronic information manufacturing industry


Guizhou province is focusing on building big data supporting products and information integration industry systems.


New materials industry


The new materials industry in Guizhou has developed rapidly with regional characteristics.


New energy vehicle industry


Guizhou will focus on developing a variety of new energy vehicle technologies, such as electric driving systems, fuel cell systems, motor manufacturing technology, safety matching of charging equipment and inflatable charging terminal products, and energy storage system technology.


Rosa roxburghii industry bolsters Guizhou's poverty alleviation efforts


Rosa roxburghii, one of the major poverty alleviation industries in Southwest China's Guizhou province, achieved great breakthroughs in 2019.


New steel standard gives China bigger reach


An international standards proposal for carbon steel spring wire used in mattress and seat cushions raised by China's Guizhou Steel Rope Group Co Ltd has recently been accepted by the International Organization for Standardization for further consideration.


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