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Modern service industry--Financial industry


Guiyang will give one-off financial subsidies to well-known domestic and foreign financial enterprises which set up branches and offices in the city.


Modern service industry--Conference and exhibition industry


Guiyang enjoys sound ecological environment, tourism resources and competitive industries, which lay sound foundations for the city's conference and exhibition industry.


Modern manufacturing industry


Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou province, has formed a system of equipment-manufacturing industries on a certain scale and technical level.


Urban modern eco-agriculture


Guiyang has insisted on developing modern ecological agriculture as an important measure to adjust the agricultural structure, solve the three rural issues of agriculture, villages and farmers and make overall plans for the urban and rural development.


Tourism industry


Guiyang plans to become the "National Tourism Model City", hoping to ensure that the number of tourists and the total tourism revenue of the city to increase by more than 30 percent.


Big data industry


Guiyang municipal government decided to develop the big data industry into the city's strategic initiatives of becoming an innovative-oriented city after careful research and analysis.


Modern Logistics


Thanks to municipal government support, Guiyang's logistics sector has grown and has more functions and is playing a more important role in the local economy.


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