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China's FAST identifies 11 pulsars


China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, has discovered 11 new pulsars so far.

Guizhou: Crafting a way out of poverty


Guizhou has been focusing on the construction of public transport infrastructure since early 2009.

Guiyang rural revitalization to kick start new era for province


Southwest China's Guizhou is in the process of revitalizing its rural economy, launching a series of projects aimed at improving people's livelihoods to kick start a new era for the province.

New cooperative aims to enrich residents via profits


With the support of government reform, commercial towns in Guiyang - the capital of the southwestern province of Guizhou - are making a powerful contribution to the revitalization of rural areas and the alleviation of poverty.

Turning Bouyei ethnic wear into an earning proposition


The ongoing two sessions in Beijing are the first that Wei Bo, a new deputy to the National People's Congress from Guizhou province, has attended.

Sun Dengfeng: Guian New Area gears up on big data development


"Guian New Area is an important place of origin of big data development in Southwest China's Guizhou province and the area's establishment has been linked closely to the industry," said Sun Dengfeng, director of the Guian New Area Administrative Committee on March 10.

Guizhou photo exhibition themed on poverty relief held in Beijing


Southwest China's Guizhou province recently held a photo exhibition themed on the province's achievements in poverty alleviation.

Big data makes people safer, says Guiyang mayor


There have been more than 20,000 surveillance cameras installed in public areas in Guiyang with the intended goal of improving safety, said Chen Yan, mayor of Guiyang.

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