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Bridges offer farmers way out of poverty in Guizhou


High bridges are landmarks and architectural wonders worldwide, but in the mountainous region in Southwest China, some of the world's highest bridges have taken on an unusual role - combating poverty.

Investment in infrastructure pays off for Guizhou


Better transport system has made the mountainous Guizhou province a gateway in Southwest China, boosting tourism and investment in one of the country's most impoverished regions, the top official of the province said on Friday.

Guiyang promotes construction of smart parking


A three-year plan (2019-22) on the construction of public parking lots in the central urban area of Guiyang is currently being prepared, according to the Guiyang Municipal Transportation Commission on Aug 7.

Live report: Guizhou's poverty alleviation in 70 years


In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the State Council Information Office held a news conference on Aug 9.

Zunyi promotes tourism and culture in Tokyo


A tourism and culture promotional event for Zunyi of Guizhou province was held in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, on Aug 5.

Guizhou seeks additional investment opportunities with Europe


The Department of European Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce and the Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce held an investment promotion event on Aug 7 to attract more transnational enterprises from Europe.

Data center efforts gaining speed in China


China has taken the lead over global peers in data center construction, with more enterprises looking to scale up their data centers to ensure reliability and stability of data services, as the application of 5G, the internet of things, wearable devices and artificial intelligence spurs a burgeoning demand for computing power, experts said.

Guizhou's ecological environment impresses UNESCO


The national periodical Men and the Biosphere, a high-end popular science magazine published by the Chinese National Committee for the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme of UNESCO, recently covered Guizhou's ecological environment and poverty alleviation efforts.

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