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Letters link college students and left-behind children


In an era when people rarely write letters, a group of college students in Zhejiang province have built close links with left-behind children in a remote middle school by writing letters to each other.

Chinese ethnic costumes on display in Paris


A new exhibition is underway at the China Cultural Center in Paris, offering a glimpse of ethnic costumes and crafting techniques in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

'Sponge city' construction permeates Gui'an New Area


A "sponge city" project is currently under construction in the Gui'an New Area, a national demonstration area in Guizhou province.

Guiyang creates more jobs for impoverished residents


The government of Guiyang will create 450,000 more jobs over the next three years as a part of a new poverty alleviation plan.

Geographical indication products reap 60b yuan for Guizhou


One hundred and eighteen products in Guizhou province have received geographical indication titles, generating nearly 60 billion yuan ($9.1 billion) per annum.

Slow train brings hope to impoverished residents


A public welfare train commuting between Guiyang and Yuping in Guizhou province carries the dreams of fortune for local people farmers in the region.

Local heroine leads impoverished village to prosperity


Yu Liufen,has received a lot of attention for her hard work in successfully alleviating poverty and encouraging the development of Yanbo village in Guizhou province.

Tourism conference promotes the development of 'tourism plus'


Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, held its eighth tourism promotion conference on Sept 27.

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