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Guizhou sends coolness to hottest cities in China


The Guizhou provincial government plans to send 10 promotional delegations before July 22 to top 10 hottest cities in China.

Guizhou invites tourists to beat the heat


Mountainous Guizhou province has adopted new measures to get more tourists to spend a cool summer there, as many parts of the country swelter in heat and humidity.

Photo exhibition on customs, life of villagers held in S.W. China


Villagers and visitors watch a local photo exhibition at the Dong village of Xiaoguang in Qiandongnan Miao And Dong autonomous prefecture, Southwest China's Guizhou province, July 13, 2017.

Chen Min'er appointed Party chief of Chongqing


Sun Zhengcai will no longer concurrently hold the position of secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, according to a decision of the CPC Central Committee.

Kicking off peak show of Chinese soccer brand


For Wen Xiaoting, 27, a former fashion magazine editor, soccer club Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng is a brand-building opportunity.

Guizhou county enjoys fruits of lucrative plum growing industry


Yanhe Tujia autonomous county, a rural area of Southwest China’s Guizhou province, is putting all of its eggs, or rather all of its plums, in one basket in its fight against poverty.

Transformers 'break' walls in Guiyang


Creative murals have sprung up in Guiyang, refreshing the streets and attracting many visitors, Guizhou City News reported on July 12.

Apple to cooperate with Guizhou for cloud services


Guizhou province inked a deal with US tech giant Apple Inc. on July 12 to cooperate in providing iCloud services.

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