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Pingtang Dadaihe Tiankeng


Pingtang county, Guizhou province is the most developed karst area in Southwest China, as it contains the most karst tiankengs (an area of naturally formed pits) of any region in the world.


Tuole Ancient Ginkgo Scenic Spot


Tuole Ancient Ginkgo Scenic Spot, located in Tuole village, Panzhou, Guizhou province, contains the world's largest concentration of ginkgo.


Chishui Zhuhai National Forest Park


Zhuhai National Forest Park is located in the city of Chishui, Guizhou province.


Zhenshan village, Huaxi


The village of Zhenshan is mainly inhabited by the members of the Buyi ethic group. It has convenient transportation and is 21 km from the city of Guiyang, 11 km from Huaxi, and only four km from the Huaxi Dam.


Wenchang Court


Wenchang Court was built in the 24th year of the Wanli emperor, during in the Ming (AD 1596) and sits to the east of Guiyang.It has unusual structures, with a triple layer, triple eaves, nine angles, and pavilion roofs.


Baihua Lake Scenic Area


Guiyang Baihua Lake is located about 22 kilometers northwest of Guiyang and boasts more than 100 islands.


Huahua town in Guiyang


Huahua Town is a famous scenic spot located in Yangchang town, Wudang district, Guiyang.It attracts a number of visitors due to its abundance of flowers, namely tulip, peony, and lavender.


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